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Mireille Bekker completed her training in Medicine at the VU Medical Center  in Amsterdam and subsequently obtained her MD in 2002. She performed research on the pathofysiology of the increased nuchal translucency in several mouse models and human fetuses. Her research focussed on fetal cardiovascular and lymphatic development. During her research she worked at the department of Anatomy and Embryology of the Leiden University Center in Leiden and the department of obstetrics in the VU Medical Center. She was awarded her PhD in 2007. She started her training to become a gynecologist in 2005 and became a senior specialist registrar Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2011. During her clinical training years she continued to work on her research regarding the development of cardiovascular and lymphatic development together with the departments of Anatomy and Embryology of the Academic Medical Center and Immunology of the VU Medical Center. This was rewarded by the PhD thesis of Yolande de Mooij in 2011. From 2011 till 2014 she performed a fellowship Perinatology in the VU Medical Center and Radboud University Center in Nijmegen. Since june 2015 she works in the University Medical Center of Utrecht as a gynaecologist-perinatologist.


Her current research focuses on intrauterine fetal development and long term-outcomes; prenatal screening, diagnosis and therapy (ultrasound/MRI/genetic testing); genetic disorders and innovation &technologies in obstetric health care.

Research groups

Congential heart disease

Research aim

To improve long term cardiovascular and neurodevelopmental outcome in patients with severe congenital heart disease.
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Perinatal neuroimaging & neuromonitoring

Research aim

We use longitudinal fetal and neonatal neuroimaging and neuromonitoring to study brain development and function, model brain diseases, and improve long term outcome in high-risk infants.
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Congenital esophageal and airway team utrecht

Research aim

Our research strives to improve outcomes for Esophageal Atresia patients, reducing morbidity and enhancing quality of life, while developing strategies for long-term improvement, shaping a brighter future.
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Perinatal surgery & brain damage

Research aim

Our mission is to unravel the impact of neonatal surgery, as well for congenital heart defects as non-cardiac anomalies on brain injury, development and long-term impairments to develop strategies to improve long-term outcome shaping a better future.
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Recent publications

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A cross-country comparison of pregnant women's decision-making and perspectives when opting for non-invasive prenatal testing in the Netherlands and Belgium Lore Lannoo, Karuna R M van der Meij, Mireille N Bekker, Luc De Catte, Sarah Deckers, Koenraad Devriendt, Nele Roggen, Robert-Jan H Galjaard, Janneke Gitsels-van der Wal, Merryn V E Macville, Linda Martin, Erik A Sistermans, Kristel Van Calsteren, Joachim Van Keirsbilck, Neeltje Crombag, Lidewij Henneman
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