Infection & Immunity

The Strategic Program Infection & Immunity is a leading platform in the field of inflammatory and infectious diseases and immune-mediated therapy. We continuously focus on developing and improving the treatment of patients with difficult-to-manage infections, immune diseases or cancer.

Societal impact 

Diseases due to failure of the immune system or infections represent a major human and societal burden, linked with high mortality, disability, lifelong treatments, and considerable costs. According to recent WHO estimates, three of the ten leading global causes of death are I&I-related: lower respiratory infection (2.6 M/yr), neonatal infections (2 M/yr) and diarrheal diseases (1.5 M/yr). In addition, with an increasing global population and an aging society, the incidence of arthritis and other immune-mediated inflammatory diseases are increasing worldwide, causing significant disability and costs for society. Moreover, antimicrobial resistance poses a major public health threat, causing significant mortality (up to 5 M/yr). Finally, tumor immunology research has resulted in new therapeutics such as immunotherapy, saving hundreds of thousands lives each year.


Digital screen with DNA strands and sequencing ATGC data background. Double helix structure. Nucleic acid sequence. Genetic research. 3d illustration.

Software recognizes and reconstructs genes that contribute to antimicrobial resistance

15 July 2024 Read more

Bacterial metabolites involved in risk of IBD and colorectal cancer

1 July 2024

Heart attack risk temporarily increased after severe influenza in adults without known cardiovascular disease

28 June 2024

Lymphocyte dynamics in a more natural mouse model

6 June 2024

Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen appointed professor of vaccination and infection control epidemiology

4 June 2024

Our themes

The strategic program Infection & Immunity (I&I) concentrates its efforts mostly on hard-to-manage infections, (auto-)inflammatory disorders, and tumor immunology in order to answer the unmet medical requirements of diseases associated to infection and failing immunity.

Our research combines fundamental science with clinic applications through a strong translational approach. We focus on four research themes:

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Research groups

Our Strategic Program hosts over 500 researchers dedicated to Infection & Immunity research. They work together in research groups to accelerate the results of their projects.

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PhD & MSc programs

Our students participate largely in MSc and PhD programs of Infection & immunity and Epidemiology by Utrecht University:


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People behind the program

Marc Bonten

Full Professor


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Full Professor


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Program manager


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Science communication advisor