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Atherosclerosis & Aneurysms

Research interest

The main research interest of the research theme Artherosclerose/ Aneurysma focuses on abdominal, thoracic, extracranial, and cerebral vessel dilatations/ruptures. Research focuses on

  1. development and improvement of innovative (minimal-invasive) endovascular treatment;
  2. development of new 3D visualization techniques that facilitate endovascular interventions with extremely reduced X-ray doses, in close collaboration with a commercial company;
  3. discovery of risk factors for aneurysm rupture; and
  4. stentgraft behaviour and improvement for repair of thoracic aortic diseases (aneurysma and dissections)(performed in close collaboration with other international centres of excellence in Italy (Milano, Pavia) and the USA (Boston, Michigan).

Research Objectives

  • Examination of non-invasive strategies for AAA treatment, which includes the development of an innovative vessel navigation system that supports endovascular procedures almost without X-ray need.
  • Expansion of aneurysm biobank activities, including (epi)genetic analyses on tissue and circulating cell levels.

Research Groups

Research groups play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and innovation within their respective fields. By bringing together diverse experts, they foster collaborative efforts that drive scientific and technological breakthroughs.

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