Cancer models

We constantly develop in-vitro models for new biomarkers and innovative treatment combinations. For this we use organoids (‘mini-organs’) and tissues-on-a-chip. Organoids grown directly from patients’ tumors also help us predict who will benefit from cancer treatment.

“We constantly develop in vitro models for new biomarkers and innovative treatment combinations. For this we use tissues-on-a-chip and organoids (‘mini-organs’). Organoids grown directly from patients' tumors also help us predict who will benefit from cancer treatment.”


Research groups

Our researchers  are joined in research groups, focusing on a specific topic or project. Please search for our research groups working on cancer models.

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We cherish our associate professors. At UMC Utrecht, we give them the opportunity to hold their own ‘inaugural lecture’: the UHD lecture. This allows them to present their research work and vision in a comprehensive video, available to all audiences.

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