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Networking & Partnerships

Our Networking team plays a key role in facilitating connections in the research and innovation field. We facilitate collaborations with strategic partners, in consortia and bilateral collaborations, with other academic partners, governments and private parties. At different scales, from Iinternational through national to regional levels. We provide information, advice, tools and support for researchers and innovators to achieve their goals and to further achieve the strategy of the UMC Utrecht.

We focus on:

Since 2005, the UMC Utrecht has established an Internationalization Committee with the objective to increase the quality of research through international collaboration. Our Internationalization Committee advises on the policy for international affairs for the UMC Utrecht and is responsible for the calls of the EU Consortium Grant, Strategic Network Development Grant , and the Incoming Clinical Research Fellows Grant.

Internationalization Committee Members:

Prof. dr. L. Bont (I&I, CH) – Chair
Dr. F. Meye (Brain)
Dr. D. Gawlitta (RM&SC)
Prof. dr. D. Oberski (Data, CH, UU Internationalisation)
Prof. dr. P. Derksen (Cancer)
Prof. dr. L. Verkooijen (Imaging, Cancer, Epidemiology)
Dr. J. L. Browne (Global Health, Young Talent)

The UMC Utrecht collaborates with international strategic partners in multi-year, large-scale multidisciplinary research projects. Our partners are:

The Internationalization Committee started a new budget for the years 2020-2025 for awarding grants that promote research collaboration.

Valorization in UMC Utrecht means taking care that our knowledge will lead to even better solutions for our patients. The Research Support Office in UMC Utrecht is your support office for questions regarding valorization opportunities. Our aim is to combine the research results of the UMC Utrecht with business and innovation.

We can assist in defining a suitable and effective valorization strategy and organize the support you need to achieve your impact goals.

We give advice on financial opportunities for public private partnerships, support researchers on business development and funding opportunities for valorization activities. Furthermore, we have access to a network of specialized support services.

More information? 
Please contact our innovation and valorization officers of the RO Funding and Support Team: