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Funding & Support

We provide support to our researchers and innovators throughout the entire project cycle to help them to help maximize their chances of success, both in securing funding and in smoothly executing the awarded projects.
Our support ranges from project ideation, grant applications and proposal development to post-award support and valorization.

The key is to build relationships with (inter)national, private and public funders and external partners who have an interest in collaborating with UMC Utrecht and our researchers.

Our support consists of:

Researchers at UMC Utrecht can call on the team for support with:

  • The identification of the most promising financing arrangements and or funding opportunities (national, international, personal grants, prizes & awards) for their research idea and career;
  • The preparation of competitive Dutch, HEU and other international grant applications, feedback on the design of the proposals and tips & tricks for increasing the chances of success;
  • Financing external support services through “Horizon Europe proposal development grants”;
  • Courses on writing successful applications for national, Horizon Europe and international grant schemes;
  • Making contact with potential participants in a national and HEU consortia (partner search) and giving advice on the best composition of a consortium;
  • Advising on the project management structure and setting up the project management logistics;
  • Providing project management (and dissemination) support during the life-time of an awarded HEU or large scale Dutch research project.

The UMCU invests and co-develops innovative Tooling to support researchers in finding funding opportunities and improve their grant applications. This includes:

  • An active collaboration with for improving the funding applications. Impacter uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing to compare a text to our existing corpus of successful and unsuccessful proposals.
  • Access to the Research Connect funding database which contains the most recent and elaborate information on national and international funding opportunities.
  • Smart AI solutions that are specifically developed to produce fast and personalised funding advice for UMCU researchers based on their publication records.

We’re an active member of various consultative bodies and associations and has an active role in, for example, the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU) and various Horizon Europe sounding board groups of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

The UMCU offers a wide range of services and activities to help researchers get external funding for their research ideas.

Visiting Address:
Heidelberglaan 8, 3584 CS Utrecht

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