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TIM TAKKEN MSc PhD is a medical exercise physiologist and associate professor in pediatrics at the Wilhemina Children’s Hospital of the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has a special interest in clinical pediatric exercise physiology.

He is currently director of the Clinical Exercise Testing Laboratory in the Wilhemina Children’s Hospital, Utrecht. Further he is the chair of the Dutch chapter of CPX international, boardmember of the European Group of Pediatric Work Physiology and the  Principal Investigator for the Dutch Physical Activity Report Card for Children. Dr Takken published over 260 peer-reviewed papers and authored 4 books.

Research groups

Congential heart disease

Research aim

To improve long term cardiovascular and neurodevelopmental outcome in patients with severe congenital heart disease.
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Activity & health

Research aim

We study how exercise affects children with chronic medical conditions (CMCs). We also use our expertise in our "Pediatric Sport & Exercise Medicine" summer school to apply our findings in clinical practice.
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Recent publications

Methotrexate for juvenile idiopathic arthritis Joachim Tan, William D. Renton, Samuel L. Whittle, Tim Takken, Renea V. Johnston, Georgina Tiller, Jane Munro, Rachelle Buchbinder
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Detecting Asymmetry of Upper Limb Activity with Accelerometry in Infants at Risk for Unilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy Cornelia H. Verhage, Jan Willem Gorter, Tim Takken, Manon J.N.L. Benders, Linda S. de Vries, Niek E. van der Aa, Nienke Wagenaar
Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, 2023, vol. 44, p.1-15
Health-Related Fitness of Adolescent Boys with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus After Recreational Football Exercise with Caloric Control Mohammed Hamdan Hashem Mohammed, Mohammad Hussain Hassan Al-Qahtani, Tim Takken
Review of Diabetic Studies, 2023, vol. 19, p.77-85
Validity of the Maximal Heart Rate Prediction Models among Runners and Cyclists Przemysław Seweryn Kasiak, Szczepan Wiecha, Igor Cieśliński, Tim Takken, Jacek Lach, Marcin Lewandowski, Marcin Barylski, Artur Mamcarz, Daniel Śliż
Journal of Clinical medicine, 2023, vol. 12
Is Measuring Physical Literacy in School-Aged Children With Cystic Fibrosis or Congenital Heart Disease Needed? Johannes J. Noordstar, Maaike C.A. Sprong, Martijn G. Slieker, Tim Takken, Marco van Brussel, Cornelis K. van der Ent, Erik H.J. Hulzebos
Pediatric Physical Therapy, 2023, vol. 35, p.43-47
Practical aspects of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in children Tim Takken, Erik H Hulzebos
International Journal of Sports Medicine, 2023, vol. 45, p.403-410

External positions

Princess Máxima Center (PMC)