Mathijs Raemaekers

Assistant Professor

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Mathijs Raemaekers obtained his PhD in 2006 with René Kahn and Nick Ramsey, with a thesis on abnormalities in brain activation during eye movements in schizophrenia. Subsequently, he became a postdoc at the neurobiology group of Richard van Wezel of the faculty of Biology of Utrecht University, where he conducted experiments on control over conscious visual perception and directional biases during motion perception in primary visual cortical areas. For continuing the latter experiments in the group of Nick Ramsey at the UMC Utrecht, he was awarded a VENI grant. In collaboration with Wouter Schellekens, he successfully the nature and purpose of the directional motion biases in visual cortex.

At the UMC he also established various lines of research, mostly using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Using this technique he investigated amongst others functional reorganization after stroke in motor and visual cortex, resting state activity in visual cortex, and topological asymmetry between the hemispheres. In addition he has developed statistical approaches for estimating reliability of fMRI measurements. He is now supervising fMRI research in several Ph.D. projects in addition to his function as contact person between the BCRM and the Imaging division.

Research line

fMRI, Stroke, BCI, Vision, Resting state

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5: Schellekens, W., van Wezel, R.J., Petridou, N., Ramsey, N.F., Raemaekers, M., 2014. Predictive coding for motion stimuli in human early visual cortex. Brain Struct.Funct

Research groups

Utrecht-BCI lab: developing neurotechnology for people with motor impairments

Research aim

The motive of the lab is to elucidate the neuronal mechanisms underlying human brain function in health, in order to help patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders, with a focus on neurotechnologies, such as Brain-Computer Interfaces.

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Recent publications

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