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Mariska van Steensel

Assistant Professor

Strategic program(s):

Strategic program(s):


Research groups

Utrecht-BCI lab: developing neurotechnology for people with motor impairments

Research aim

The motive of the lab is to elucidate the neuronal mechanisms underlying human brain function in health, in order to help patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders, with a focus on neurotechnologies, such as Brain-Computer Interfaces.

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Recent publications

Nine decades of electrocorticography Mariana P Branco, Simon H Geukes, Erik J Aarnoutse, Nick F Ramsey, Mariska J Vansteensel
European Journal of Neuroscience, 2023, vol. 57, p.1260-1288
Towards clinical application of implantable brain–computer interfaces for people with late-stage ALS Mariska J. Vansteensel, Eran Klein, Ghislaine van Thiel, Michael Gaytant, Zachary Simmons, Jonathan R. Wolpaw, Theresa M. Vaughan
Journal of Neurology, 2023, vol. 270, p.1323-1336
Using fMRI to localize target regions for implanted brain-computer interfaces in locked-in syndrome Sacha Leinders, Mariska J Vansteensel, Giovanni Piantoni, Mariana P Branco, Zac V Freudenburg, Tineke A Gebbink, Elmar G M Pels, Mathijs A H Raemaekers, Anouck Schippers, Erik J Aarnoutse, Nick F Ramsey
Clinical Neurophysiology, 2023, vol. 155, p.1-15
Association between lesion location and sensorimotor rhythms in stroke - a systematic review with narrative synthesis Ivana Kancheva, Sandra M A van der Salm, Nick F Ramsey, Mariska J Vansteensel
Neurological sciences : official journal of the Italian Neurological Society and of the Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, 2023, vol. 44, p.4263-4289
Direct speech reconstruction from sensorimotor brain activity with optimized deep learning models Julia Berezutskaya, Zachary V Freudenburg, Mariska J Vansteensel, Erik J Aarnoutse, Nick F Ramsey, Marcel A J van Gerven
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2023, vol. 20, p.1-25
Towards predicting ECoG-BCI performance Mansoureh Fahimi Hnazaee, Maxime Verwoert, Zachary V. Freudenburg, Sandra M.A. van der Salm, Erik J. Aarnoutse, Sacha Leinders, Marc M. Van Hulle, Nick F. Ramsey, Mariska J. Vansteensel
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2022, vol. 19