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The research interests of professor Kors van der Ent focus on the themes Cystic Fibrosis and other bronchusobstructive diseseases in young children. He is the leader of the national HIT-CF program which focuses on the development and personalised application of new drugs influencing the basis genetic defect in patients with CF. This program includes both mechanistic studies in collaboration with the Hubrecht lab and the Byvoet Center as well as studies into host pathogen interaction in collaboration with the veterinary faculty of the Utrecht University. Clinical studies are performed in close collaboration with other CF-centres throughout Europe. Furthermore, he was the founder of the Whistler birth cohort, in which thousands of children are followed from birth to study determinants of the development of respiratory diseases. These cohorts mirror normal development to understand mechanisms in disease.

Kors van der Ent has special interest in innovation and valorisation in medical care and believes in creation of hospital networks to build the future medical care system for children. He successfully developed new devices to measure neonatal lung function, which were launched to the market. He also developed the Luchtwegportaal, an interactive web-based system to collect patient data regarding respiratory diseases in many hospitals in The Netherlands.

Research groups

Cellular disease models

Research aim

To develop patient-derived cell models to understand the molecular mechanisms of disease, to identify and validate targets for treatment, and to develop drugs and precision medicine applications.
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Pediatric pulmonology

Research aim

We unravel biological, clinical and psychosocial aspects of lung diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and oncology to continuously improve diagnosis and treatment by implementing latest scientific insights into clinical care.
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Recent publications

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