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Helena Verkooijen

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Professor of Evaluation of Image-Guided Treatment, dedicated to improve the life of people with cancer. Committed to full integration of clinical research in routine patient care in order to facilitate undelayed evidence-based implementation of innovations in oncology.

Director of Research at the division of Imaging and Oncology of the UMC Utrecht. Project leader of several international (Horizon) research consortia and academic industrial partnership, head of clinical research office and investigator in a range of (international) scientific studies. Strong background in teaching and development of educational modules at graduate and postgraduate level. Large international academic experience in Europe and Asia. Experienced speaker, moderator, and panel member. 

Within the Division of Imaging and Cancer of the UMC Utrecht, I am responsible for clinical evaluation of innovative cancer treatments, and for evaluating to what extent theoretical benefits of these innovations translate into real benefits for patients. I lead a team of post-doc researchers, PhD students, and (medical) graduate students. I also lead the division’s clinical research office, which is responsible for trial support, data management, IT solutions, quality control and medico-ethical advise (supporting 200 academic researchers).


Research groups

Evaluation of imaging and image-guided Interventions

Research aim

The pace of innovation in (AI driven) imaging/image-guided interventions in oncology is high; the window of opportunity for evaluation narrow. We aim to learn from every patient, in order to facilitate evidence-based implementation of innovation.

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Recent publications

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JAMA network open, 2024, vol. 7

External positions

Member Supervisory Board, Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam