Preventing inflammation

Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) pose a substantial healthcare challenge

Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) encompass over 30 chronic conditions affecting nearly every organ, with about 10% of the population impacted. These diseases, ranging from atopic dermatitis to multiple sclerosis, pose a substantial healthcare challenge. UMC Utrecht is addressing this through multidisciplinary research into the immune system’s regulation and dysregulation, aiming to understand its development from birth through old age. By integrating immune system studies, UMC Utrecht seeks to classify patients based on underlying mechanisms and identify treatable traits, moving towards personalized treatment strategies focused on immune activation patterns. This approach not only aims to optimize patient care but also to leverage the immune system in preventing and combating inflammation, infection, and cancer. Research efforts also include innovative treatment options, patient classification for therapy selection, understanding immune health, and identifying new biomarkers for better diagnosis and monitoring of IMIDs. The prevalence of IMIDs is expected to rise with the population’s aging, emphasizing the importance of this research in developing more effective, personalized healthcare solutions.

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