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Dr. Heleen Westland is assistant professor at the Julius Center, University Medical Center Utrecht. She worked as a (senior) registered nurse (2001-2008) and a clinical nurse leader (2008-2012) at the cardiology/cardiothoracic surgery department. She obtained her Master of Science Degree in Nursing Science (2009, cum laude) and Epidemiology (2018) at the Utrecht University. In 2019, she obtained her PhD at the Utrecht University focusing on self-management support by nurses of patients with a chronic condition.
She continued her scientific career as an assistant professor focusing on  understanding and optimizing patients’ self-management of their chronic condition to improve personalized support and patients’ outcomes.

Currently, dr. Westland is investigating how to optimize the support of patients with heart failure in monitoring and managing their symptoms (senior scientist Dekkerbeurs, Dutch Heart Foundation, 2023). 

Research groups

Nursing Science in Cardiovascular Disease

Research aim

We aim to reduce the impact of cardiac disease on the lives of patients, their caregivers and on society. We focus on increasing the ability of patients to maintain their self-care, to monitor their symptoms and take appropriate action.

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Recent publications

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External positions

Editorial Board, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing