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Assistant Professor - medical


After her PhD thesis on “Vitamin K dependent proteins in children), mrs. Van Summeren participated in a project on immunology of obesity. Within this project, an ethical part, on the moral acceptability of gastric banding in adolescent obesity, was included (a zonMW funded project). Presently, together with Ineke Bolt (Institute of Ethics, Universiteit Utrecht), she has initiated an ethical project on informed consent in Whole exome sequencing (WES). Her main goal is to set up a line of research within the field of applied ethics, in which various actual and concrete ethical dilemmas in paediatrics are investigated by conducting empirical ethical research. The aim is to gain insight about the experiences and views of patients and their parents and practitioners which will be further explored and normative ethically analysed. The aim in conducting this line of research is to articulate and develop tailor-made ethical frameworks and principles that provide normative orientation to actual moral paediatric issues. In this way, a contribution to an adequate ethical framework and concrete guidelines for paediatric patient care and policy-making will be made.

Recent publications

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