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Jos van Strijp is Professor of Experimental Microbiology in the Utrecht. He was educated in Utrecht, New York (Rockefeller) and Boston. He now leads a group of 25 scientists, all involved in bacterial pathogenesis. Van Strijp has an H-factor of 41, has published in many top journals (Cell, Nature Immunol, J Exp Med J Clin Invest Cell Host Microbes etc) and 145 papers in total. Van Strijp has supervised 35 PhD students and 15 Postdocs. He was Keynote speaker at more than 30 occasions and gave more than 100 invited talks, worldwide. Van Strijp has organised and lectured in many courses in Infectious diseases as well as in Immunology in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Denmark, Norway, Brazil and Germany. Van Strijp is editor of several journals and regular referee for a great variety of organizations such as NWO (NL), STW (NL) and The Welcome Trust (UK).  In addition, he is Panel member on major funding schemes such as DFG (Germany), SFI (Ireland), AKA (Finland), ANR (France) and SRC (Sweden). Van Strijp is Director of the Graduate School PhD and the Journal of Innate Immunity.

Recent publications

Photoimmuno-antimicrobial therapy for Staphylococcus aureus implant infection Bruce van Dijk, Sabrina Oliveira, J Fred F Hooning van Duyvenbode, F Ruben H A Nurmohamed, Vida Mashayekhi, Irati Beltrán Hernández, Jos van Strijp, Lisanne de Vor, Piet C Aerts, H Charles Vogely, Harrie Weinans, Bart C H van der Wal
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Author Correction Erin A Catton, Daniel A Bonsor, Carolina Herrera, Margaretha Stålhammar-Carlemalm, Mykola Lyndin, Claire E Turner, Jo Soden, Jos A G van Strijp, Bernhard B Singer, Nina M van Sorge, Gunnar Lindahl, Alex J McCarthy
Nature Communications, 2023, vol. 14
MABTRAINS Jos A.G. van Strijp
Cell Host and Microbe, 2023, vol. 31, p.687-688
Isolation and functional analysis of phage-displayed antibody fragments targeting the staphylococcal superantigen-like proteins Ida Alanko, Rebecca Sandberg, Eeva Christine Brockmann, Carla J.C. de Haas, Jos A.G. van Strijp, Urpo Lamminmäki, Outi M.H. Salo-Ahen
MicrobiologyOpen, 2023, vol. 12, p.1-19
Evaluating the Targeting of a Staphylococcus-aureus-Infected Implant with a Radiolabeled Antibody In Vivo Bruce van Dijk, J. Fred F. Hooning van Duyvenbode, Lisanne de Vor, F. Ruben H.A. Nurmohamed, Marnix G.E.H. Lam, Alex J. Poot, Ruud M. Ramakers, Sofia Koustoulidou, Freek J. Beekman, Jos van Strijp, Suzan H.M. Rooijakkers, Ekaterina Dadachova, H. Charles Vogely, Harrie Weinans, Bart C.H. van der Wal
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Evaluation of silver bio-functionality in a multicellular in vitro model Leonardo Cecotto, Daphne A.C. Stapels, Kok P.M. van Kessel, Michiel Croes, Zeldali Lourens, H. Charles Vogely, Bart C.H. van der Wal, Jos A.G. van Strijp, Harrie Weinans, Saber Amin Yavari
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 2023, vol. 13, p.1-13