Toine Rosenberg

Full Professor

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Research groups

Maxillofacial bone regeneration

Research aim

Our team aims to regenerate maxillofacial bone defects via bio-inspired techniques. We combine stem cells, materials and/or bioengineering technologies to recapitulate natural bone tissue development and healing.

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Recent publications

The average three-dimensional face for different sex and age groups in a Dutch population H. Schutte, M. S.M. Muradin, F. Bielevelt, N. G. Janssen, R. L.A.W. Bleys, A. J.W.P. Rosenberg
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2023, vol. 52, p.906-914
The Average Facial Expressions Hilde Schutte, Marvick S.M. Muradin, Freek Bielevelt, Karlien Seubring, Ronald L.A.W. Bleys, Antoine J.W.P. Rosenberg
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open, 2023, vol. 11, p.1-11
Ernstige hypodontie J N Ross, L C Ruigrok, W M M Fennis, M S Cune, A J W P Rosenberg, A B van Nunen, M A Créton, H K Ploos van Amstel, M J J H van den Boogaard
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde, 2023, vol. 130, p.277-286
Osteoinductive calcium phosphate with submicron topography as bone graft substitute for maxillary sinus floor augmentation Lukas A. van Dijk, Nard G. Janssen, Silke J. Nurmohamed, Marvick S.M. Muradin, Alessia Longoni, Robbert C. Bakker, Florence G. de Groot, Joost D. de Bruijn, Debby Gawlitta, Antoine J.W.P. Rosenberg
Clinical Oral Implants Research, 2023, vol. 34, p.177-195
Reliability and measurement error of anterior maximum voluntary bite force in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and healthy children Willemijn F.C. de Sonnaville, Michel H. Steenks, Nicolaas P.A. Zuithoff, Nico M. Wulffraat, Antoine J.W.P. Rosenberg, Caroline M. Speksnijder
PLoS ONE, 2023, vol. 18, p.1-13
Anatomical position of the mandibular condyle after open versus closed treatment of unilateral fractures Margje B. Buitenhuis, Florine M. Weinberg, Freek Bielevelt, Marjolijn Gilijamse, Tymour Forouzanfar, Caroline M. Speksnijder, Antoine J.W.P. Rosenberg
Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, 2023, vol. 51, p.682-691

External positions

Lid concilium chirurgicum oris, KNMT

chairman, Stichting Haaglanden Clinics

delegate to union of medical specialists section and board, European Commission