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Theo van den Broek

Assistant Professor

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Theo van den Broek is trained as a medical specialist (medical microbiology) and immunologist (Center for Translational Immunology), and a translational researcher at heart with specific interest in the development and regulation of early life immunity at the interface of infection & immunity that have potential clinical impact. In the last years he has been actively involved in the support of career development and training of early career researchers at UMC Utrecht.

Research groups

T:B cell interactions in human lymph nodes

Research aim

Our mission is to investigate the complex interactions between T and B cells within human lymph nodes, aiming to drive meaningful clinical advancements.

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Recent publications

Complex subsets but redundant clonality after B cells egress from spontaneous germinal centers Carlos Castrillon, Lea Simoni, Theo van den Broek, Cees van der Poel, Elliot H Akama-Garren, Minghe Ma, Michael C Carroll
eLife, 2023, vol. 12
Follicular T cells are clonally and transcriptionally distinct in B cell-driven mouse autoimmune disease Elliot H Akama-Garren, Theo van den Broek, Lea Simoni, Carlos Castrillon, Cees E van der Poel, Michael C Carroll
Nature Communications, 2021, vol. 12, p.6687
Prepare PhD holders for different career tracks Theo van den Broek, Berent Prakken, Frank Miedema
Nature, 2021, vol. 600, p.386
Coronavirus: postdoc winners need paid extensions Theo van den Broek, James Gould
Nature, 2020, vol. 583
INNO-LiPA DNA line probe assay misidentification of M. smegmatis as Mycobacterium fortuitum complex Theo van den Broek, Nard G. Janssen, David J. Hetem, Wouter Bekers, Miranda Kamst, Ad C. Fluit, Jakko van Ingen, Johannes G. Kusters, Rob J. Rentenaar
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, 2019, vol. 95, p.114858

Fellowships & Awards

2023: WKZ fonds: Boosting pediatric immunity: building a strong relationship between young T and B cells

2023: Veni - ZonMW (NWO)

2021: I&I boost grant: To unravel the role of innate signals in the (pre-)differentiation and function of naïve T-cells.

2018: Marie Curie Individual Fellowship

2016: Scholarship

2012: Work visit scholarship

2012: Work visit scholarship

2012: Travel grant

2010: Travel grant

2008: Research Fellowship

2007: Scholarship

2007: Scholarship (via Carolus Magnus foundation)

External positions

Research fellow, Sanford Burnham Med Res Inst, Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute, Translat Res Lab, Inflammatory & Infect Dis Ctr

Research fellow, Arizona Arthritis Center, University of Arizona, Tucson

Research fellow, University of California, San Diego