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Saskia Teunissen, is appointed as professor in palliative care and hospice care since 2014. She is an oncologynurse and health care scientist and an expert in palliative care for over 30 years.

The scope of her work has a patient-family oriented profile and an interdisciplinary transmural approach. Her research, innovation and education focuses on symptommanagement and interdisciplinary collaboration and communication in palliative care at home, in hospices, in nursing homes and hospitals.

Besides, the hybride approach of hospice care as a specific concept in palliative care and homecare for patients in the terminal phase of life is a specific topic in her work.

She is responsible for the UMC Utrecht Center of Expertise of Palliative Care and the collaboration of regional partners in palliative care, the consortium Septet. 

She is director of the Dutch Cooperation Palliative Care (cooperatie Palliatieve Zorg Nederland/PZNL) to close the loop between research, education, patient care and national collaboration in palliative care.


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Research groups

Julius Center Research Program Cancer

Research aim

Our mission is to drive impactful innovation for cancer prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and care through interdisciplinary research, fostering collaboration among researchers across disciplines within the Julius Center and beyond.

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Recent publications

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Trials, 2023, vol. 24
The spiritual dimension of parenting a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition: A mixed-methods systematic review Marijanne Engel, Marije A. Brouwer, Nienke Jansen, Carlo Leget, Saskia C.C.M. Teunissen, MC Kars
Palliative Medicine, 2023, vol. 37, p.1303-1325
Barriers and facilitators that hospital clinicians perceive to discuss the personal values, wishes, and needs of patients in palliative care Sita de Vries, Mary Joanne Verhoef, Sigrid Cornelia Johanna Maria Vervoort, Yvette Milene van der Linden, Saskia Cornelia Constantia Maria Teunissen, Everlien de Graaf
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BMC Primary Care, 2023, vol. 24

Fellowships & Awards

2022: Koninklijke onderscheiding

2007: Boerhaaveprijs UMC Utrecht

External positions

Director, Dutch Palliative Care cooperation (Palliatieve Zorg Nederland)

Director, Academic Hospice Demeter