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Stefano Mandija

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Stefano is currently employed as assistant professor at the radiotherapy department of the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands). His research topics range from fundamental and methodological research to clinical development of quantitative MRI methods and MRI biomarkers for diagnostic and radiotherapy treatment response prediction and monitoring. In particular, he works on the characterization of tissue electrical properties for radiotherapy treatments efficacy assessment using MRI (NWO recipient VENI grant 2020), MRI-guided cardiac radio-ablation using stereotactic radiotherapy ( consortium), MRI-based guidance of spinal cord stimulation (RESTORE and Prep2GO consortia), and he also supports the development and translation of quantitative MRI methods in clinical settings (MR-STAT).


Stefano was born in Camposampiero, Padua (Italy) in September 1988. He was educated as a bioengineer at the University of Padua, 2007-2013. Afterwards, he moved to The Netherlands where he received his Ph.D. in the field of non-invasive characterization of tissue electrical properties with MRI at the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands) in 2018. Subsequently, he was offered a Post-Doc position at the Radiology and Radiotherapy departments of the University Medical Center Utrecht. Because of his passion for MRI and his positive attitude, which makes him looking at research challenges as new opportunities to expand his knowledge and to establish new collaborations, he also recently started investigating MRI-based guidance of cardiac ablation using stereotactic radiotherapy at the radiotherapy department of the University Medical Center Utrecht within the European STOPSTORM consortium.

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Recent publications

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Data-driven electrical conductivity brain imaging using 3 T MRI Kyu Jin Jung, Stefano Mandija, Chuanjiang Cui, Jun Hyeong Kim, Mohammed A. Al-masni, Thierry G. Meerbothe, Mina Park, Cornelis A.T. van den Berg, Dong Hyun Kim
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2023, p.7-9

Fellowships & Awards

2020: Junior Fellow of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (2020)