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Saskia Imhof was appointed Professor in Ophthalmology and medical Chair of the department Ophthalmology UMC Utrecht at 1st april 2009. She is also head of the medical education of the department of Ophthalmology UMC Utrecht.

She started her career in 1988, after finishing medical school at the University of Amsterdam, as a resident at the Pediatric Oncology Hospital Emma Kinder ziekenhuis, Amsterdam. Saskia Imhof started her residency Ophthalmology in 1989 at the FC Donders Institute for Ophthalmology of the Academic Hospital Utrecht. During her residency she initiated her PhD research in retinoblastoma with Prof Tan. In 1993 she became a staff member at the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam. Her PhD research entitled: “Late effects of external beam radiotherapy in children with retinoblastoma” was completed in 1996. During her work as a staff member at the VUmc she has initiated and chaired the Retinoblastoma Center Netherlands were a multidisciplinary team was established centered around the patient and family with retinoblastoma. In 2006  Saskia Imhof was appointed vice president of the Dutch Ophthalmological Society ( NOG), and president from 2009-2012. Saskia Imhof is head of  the department Ophthalmology UMC Utrecht which has developed a  tertiary academic referral center for patients in the research- and care spearpoints: uveitis, medical retina, cornea/ anterior segment, vitreoretinal surgery, orbita and pediatric ophthalmology. In 2015  the department is certified by the Dutch Federation of UMC’s (NFU) as a Center of Excellence for uveitis and in 2017 as CoE for corneal diseases. At this moment the department counts 8 PhD students and 2 full professors ( de Boer and van Genderen (Bartimeus)), 6 principal investigators, 1 associate professor (Jonas Kuiper) and 2 assistent professors.

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Research groups

Eye Brain Center for pediatric neuro-oncological and neuro-ophthalmological diseases

Research aim

Children with a visual problem due to brain pathology should receive at the Eye Brain Center (EBC) the most advanced ophthalmological diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in order to improve the better outcome of their visual potential.

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Recent publications

Video Grading of Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Surgery to Identify Surgeon Risk Factors for Graft Detachment and Rebubbling Marc B. Muijzer, Heleen Delbeke, Mor M. Dickman, Rudy M.M.A. Nuijts, Hanad Jimale, Chantal M. Van Luijk, Saskia M. Imhof, Robert P.L. Wisse
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Transcriptome network analysis implicates CX3CR1-positive type 3 dendritic cells in non-infectious uveitis S. Hiddingh, A. Pandit, F. H. Verhagen, R. Rijken, N. H. Servaas, C. G.K. Wichers, N. H. Ten Dam-Van Loon, S. M. Imhof, T. R.D.J. Radstake, J. H. de Boer, J. J.W. Kuiper
eLife, 2023, vol. 12
Diagnostic accuracy of retinal optical coherence tomography in children with a newly diagnosed brain tumour Myrthe A. Nuijts, Inge Stegeman, Giorgio L. Porro, Carlien A.M. Bennebroek, Tom van Seeters, Frank A. Proudlock, Antoinette Y.N. Schouten – van Meeteren, Saskia M. Imhof
Acta Ophthalmologica, 2023, vol. 101, p.658-669
Effects of Stimulus Luminance, Stimulus Color and Intra-Stimulus Color Contrast on Visual Field Mapping in Neurologically Impaired Adults Using Flicker Pupil Perimetry Brendan L. Portengen, Marnix Naber, Giorgio L. Porro, Douwe Bergsma, Evert J. Veldman, Saskia M. Imhof
Eye and Brain, 2023, vol. 15, p.77-89
Remote follow-up after cataract surgery (CORE-RCT) Janneau L.J. Claessens, Joukje C. Wanten, Noël J.C. Bauer, Rudy M.M.A. Nuijts, Oliver Findl, Josef Huemer, Saskia M. Imhof, Robert P.L. Wisse
BMC ophthalmology, 2023, vol. 23, p.1-7

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Raad van Toezicht, Koninklijke Visio