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Ralph Sakkers

Assistant Professor - medical

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Ralph Sakkers is a pediatric orthopedic sureon at the UMCUtrecht and holds the following position:

  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) physician
  • Coordinator ERN expertise center for rare diseases ORPHA 666 (osteogenesis imperfecta) and ORPHA 364559 (non-syndromic reduction defects)
  • Coordinator NFU expertise center for ORPHA 93457 (skeletal dysplasia) and ORPHA 666 (osteogenesis imperfecta), and ORPHA 364526 (dysostosis) and ORPHA 364559 (non-syndromic reduction defects)
  • PI Regenerative Medicine UMCUtrecht
  • Member Medical Advisory Board Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe (OIFE) 
  • Member Scientific Advisory Board Anna Fonds 
  • Member EPOS Study Group Genetics and Metabolic Diseases 
  • Member EPOS Study Group Lower Limb
  • Member Educational Committee EPOS
  • Orthopedic Consultant Dutch Skeletal Dysplasia Group
  • Orthopedic Consultant Rehabilitation Center ”de Hoogstraat”, Utrecht
  • Member Editorial Board Journal of Childrens Orthopaedics
  • Member Editorial Board JPO-B


He received the Ehrenmedaille of the Vereinigung fur Kinderorthopadie Deutschland.


Ralph Sakkers is a minority shareholder in U-Planner BV and Replasia BV

Recent publications

Automatic Assessment of Lower-Limb Alignment from Computed Tomography Ruurd J A Kuiper, Peter R Seevinck, Max A Viergever, Harrie Weinans, Ralph J B Sakkers
The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume, 2023, vol. 105, p.700-712
Magnetic resonance imaging-based bone imaging of the lower limb Mateusz C Florkow, Chien H Nguyen, Ralph J B Sakkers, Harrie Weinans, Mylene P Jansen, Roel J H Custers, Marijn van Stralen, Peter R Seevinck
Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 2023, vol. 42, p.843-854
Impact of bone and cartilage segmentation from CT and MRI on both bone forearm osteotomy planning Ruurd J A Kuiper, Joost W Colaris, Filip Stockmans, Eline M van Es, Max A Viergever, Peter R Seevinck, Harrie Weinans, Ralph J B Sakkers
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2023, vol. 18, p.2307-2318
Acetabular rim extension using a personalized titanium implant for treatment of hip dysplasia in dogs Irin Kwananocha, Joëll Magré, Koen Willemsen, Harrie Weinans, Ralph J.B. Sakkers, Thijs How, Femke Verseijden, Marianna A. Tryfonidou, Bart C.H. van der Wal, Björn P. Meij
Frontiers in veterinary science, 2023, vol. 10, p.1-12
Life span care for patients with skeletal dysplasia Wouter H. Nijhuis, Marjolein Verhoef, Ralph J.B. Sakkers
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From Genetics to Clinical Implications Silvia Storoni, Sara J.E. Verdonk, Lidiia Zhytnik, Gerard Pals, Sanne Treurniet, Mariet W. Elting, Ralph J.B. Sakkers, Joost G. van den Aardweg, Elisabeth M.W. Eekhoff, Dimitra Micha
Biomolecules, 2023, vol. 13, p.1-15

Fellowships & Awards

2022: Anna Award 2022 Best PhD Thesis Paediatric Orthopaedics

2019: Best abstract Conference QualityOfLife4OI

2016: Best clinical paper EPOS 2016

2007: Ehrenmedaille Vereinigung fur Kinderorthopadie