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Pauline Heus

Assistant Professor


Pauline Heus graduated as optometrist and orthoptist from the Hogeschool Utrecht in 2001. Until 2014 she worked at the ophthalmology department of Northwest Clinics in Alkmaar. Between 2006 and 2014 she actively contributed to the profession of optometry in the Netherlands as a board member of the Dutch Optometric Association (Optometristen Vereniging Nederland, OVN).

After obtaining a master’s degree in Evidence Based Practice (with distinction) at the University of Amsterdam, Pauline joined Cochrane Netherlands in 2011 (hosted by the Julius Center since 2014). Besides contributing to evidence syntheses and providing methodological support to authors of (Cochrane) systematic reviews, she is also involved in teaching. Her main research area of interest is the translation of evidence into clinical practice. In 2020, Pauline obtained her PhD degree at Utrecht University on a thesis titled "Maximizing research value: adequate reporting and effective (de-)implementation strategies". One of her research topics is the reporting of prediction model studies. Furthermore, she is involved in a program of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU) about de-implementation of low-value care, called  ‘To do or not to do?’. 

Pauline is member of the Cochrane Bias Methods Group, Cochrane Knowledge Translation Working Group 'Growing Capacity in Users', and the international GRADE Working Group.


Recent publications

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