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Assistant Professor - medical

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Pathologist, consultant for pediatric and perinatal pathology.

MD exam July 1982, Erasmus Uni­versity Rotter­dam, the Netherlands

PhD thesis: The hemopoietic micro-environment, effects of chemotherapy and irradiation, March 22 1989, Erasmus Uni­versity Rotter­dam, the Netherlands

Pathology training: January 1987 until January 1992, University Hospital Groningen, the Netherlands

1992-december 1996: staff member department of pathology University Hospital Groningen, the Netherlands and responsible for the perinatal pathology

December 1996- : staff member department of pathology, University Hospital Utrecht, the Netherlands. Responsible for pediatric and perinatal pathology including training of residents and performing / supervising 120-140 perinatal and pediatric autopsies annually, 700-800 placentas annually and approximately 1200-1500 surgical biopsies including solid pediatric tumors from October 2014.

Strategic program(s):


Recent publications

Multipotent adult progenitor cells prevent functional impairment and improve development in inflammation driven detriment of preterm ovine lungs Sophie M.L. Neuen, Daan R.M.G. Ophelders, Helene Widowski, Matthias C. Hütten, Tim Brokken, Charlotte van Gorp, Peter G.J. Nikkels, Carmen A.H. Severens-Rijvers, Mireille M.J.P.E. Sthijns, Clemens A. van Blitterswijk, Freddy J. Troost, Vanessa L.S. LaPointe, Shahab Jolani, Christof Seiler, J. Jane Pillow, Tammo Delhaas, Niki L. Reynaert, Tim G.A.M. Wolfs
Regenerative Therapy, 2024, vol. 27, p.207-217
First-trimester 3D power Doppler imaging markers of utero-placental vascular development are associated with placental weight and diameter at birth Eline S. de Vos, Lotte E. van der Meeren, Anton H.J. Koning, Peter G.J. Nikkels, Eric A.P. Steegers, Régine P.M. Steegers-Theunissen, Annemarie G.M.G.J. Mulders
Placenta, 2024, vol. 148, p.44-52
Asymptomatic Infant Rib Fractures Are Primarily Non-abuse-Related and Should Not Be Used to Assess Physical Child Abuse Martin J.C. van Gemert, Marianne Vlaming, Steven C. Gabaeff, Peter G.J. Nikkels, H. A.Martino Neumann
Children, 2023, vol. 10, p.1-12
The Radiological and Histological Phenotype of Skeletal Abnormalities in Fetal ARCN1-Related Syndrome Charlotte A. Houck, Marije Koopmans, Peter G.J. Nikkels
Pediatric and Developmental Pathology, 2023, vol. 27, p.176-180
The severity of chronic histiocytic intervillositis is associated with gestational age and fetal weight M. Bos, M. J.M. Koenders, K. L. Dijkstra, L. E. van der Meeren, P. G.J. Nikkels, K. W.M. Bloemenkamp, M. Eikmans, H. J. Baelde, M. L.P. van der Hoorn
Placenta, 2023, vol. 131, p.28-35
Identification of a unique intervillous cellular signature in chronic histiocytic intervillositis Juliette Krop, Lotte E. van der Meeren, Marie Louise P. van der Hoorn, Marieke E. Ijsselsteijn, Kyra L. Dijkstra, H. Kapsenberg, C. van der Keur, Emily F. Cornish, Peter G.J. Nikkels, Frits Koning, Frans H.J. Claas, Sebastiaan Heidt, Michael Eikmans, Manon Bos
Placenta, 2023, vol. 139, p.34-42

Fellowships & Awards

2010: Prijs voor beste, meest oorspronkelijke en meest zelfstandige wetenschappelijk werk in de perinatale pathologie.