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Niek de Wit has been working as a general practitioner for more than 25 years. In 2009 he was appointed as professor in General Practice at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. From 2010 until July 2019 he has been manager of the Julius Health Centers, the academic general practice in Utrecht. Since June 2019 he is Division chair ad interim of the Julius Center of Health Sciences and Primary Care at the UMC Utrecht.


His research focus is on health care innovation, gastrointestinal disease and oncology in primary care. He is co-author of national and international guidelines on IBS, dyspepsia, diverticulitis and colorectal cancer. In the past years he has been involved in the development of a regional health care network , aiming at primary- hospital care collaboration, optimizing health care pathways and facilitating health care innovation initiatives in the Utrecht region.


From 2010-2012 he was visiting professor at Kings’ College, London, UK. From 2012 he is visiting professor at the University of Durham, UK , and in 2014 he was inaugurated as fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburg, UK.

Recent publications

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