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Marnix Lam (1975) studied Pharmaceutical sciences (passed with distinction) and Medicine at Utrecht University. He became a resident in Nuclear Medicine, respectively Radiology and finalized his PhD thesis (2009) on radionuclide therapy in prostate cancer patients with metastatic bone pain. This was followed by a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine, USA. In 2016 he was appointed Professor of Nuclear Medicine.
Translational research in molecular medicine has been the scope of his scientific work, with a focus on oncology. Bringing new radiopharmaceuticals to clinical practice. This specifically resulted in the introduction of new oncological treatment modalities in the Netherlands, such as bone seeking radiopharmaceuticals for the palliation of metastatic bone pain (Sm-153-EDTMP, Re-188-HEDP) and radioembolization for treatment of hepatic malignancies (Y-90 and Ho-166 microspheres). Current research is focussed on dosimetry of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, image-guided treatment technology, alfa- and beta-emitting isotopes for therapeutic purposes, intra-arterial and intra-tumor treatment approaches, and radio-immunotherapy.

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Nuclear theranostics research

Research aim

With nuclear theranostics we aim to develop radiopharmaceuticals to improve the disease diagnosis and therapy, including clinical translation for direct impact. Disease areas of interest are (childhood) cancer, neurology and infectious diseases.

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Recent publications

90Y-/166Ho- ‘Radiation lobectomy’ for liver tumors induces abnormal morphology and impaired drainage of peritumor lymphatics Daan Andel, Lotte van den Bent, Marnix Lam, Maarten Smits, Isaac Quintus Molenaar, Joep de Bruijne, Miangela Marie Laclé, Onno Kranenburg, Inne Borel Rinkes, Jeroen Hagendoorn
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Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine, 2024, vol. 65, p.272-278
Lung Mean Dose Prediction in Transarterial Radioembolization (TARE): Superiority of [ 166Ho]-Scout Over [ 99mTc]MAA in a Prospective Cohort Study Martijn E H M Wagemans, Arthur J A T Braat, Rob van Rooij, Maarten L J Smits, Rutger C G Bruijnen, Jip F Prince, Guus M Bol, Hugo W A M de Jong, Marnix G E H Lam
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An international phantom study of inter-site variability in Technetium-99m image quantification Grace Keane, Rob van Rooij, Marnix Lam, S Cheenu Kappadath, Bilal Kovan, Stephanie Leon, Matthew Dreher, Kirk Fowers, Hugo de Jong
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