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Marieke van der Schaaf, PhD, is full professor of Research and Development of Health Professions Education at University Medical Center Utrecht and a researcher at the department of Education at Utrecht University. She is director of the Utrecht Center for Research and Development of Education at the Education Center at University Medical Center Utrecht and the former director of the master programme Educational Sciences (2012-2017).

After her study Educational Sciences (1993-1997, cum laude), she was appointed as a researcher, lecturer and course coordinator at the Department of Education, Utrecht University. Her PhD-study concerned the construct validity of teacher portfolio assessment (2000-2005, cum laude, awarded). Besides she led several research projects on educational innovations and performance assessments in secondary education, vocational education, higher education and medical education.

She has been a teacher and coordinator in several courses in undergraduate school, academic master and research master of educational sciences at Utrecht University since 2000, where she also chairs the board of examinations. In particular, she is responsible for courses on topics of assessment and evaluation.

Marieke earned several research grants for projects about performance assessment, feedback, teacher expertise development and digital assessment in medical education. She has been a supervisor of several PhD-students in these themes.
She publishes and presents her work in international journals and at international conferences and frequently serves as a reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals, conferences and grants.

Her research focuses on the development of professionals of the future that are flexible and adaptive to new situations. Constructive feedback is crucial in work- and learningenvironments for this aim, which is one of the topics of her research.



1993-1994 ‘Gammapropaedeuse’ Faculty of Social Sciences Utrecht University, with honors

1994-1997 Master Educational Sciences Utrecht University, with honors

2000-2005 Dissertation Educational Sciences Utrecht University, with honors. Title: Construct validation of teacher portfolio assessment. Procedures for improvingteacher competence assessment illustrated by teaching students research skills.Promotores: prof. dr. K. Stokking and prof. dr. N. Verloop.                           

Work experience

1994-1997 Research assistant Process Management Secondary Education, The Hague

1995-1996 Research assistant ‘Onderwijsinspectie’, The Meern

1995-1997 Research assistant of several educational research projects, Utrecht University

1998-2002 Junior Researcher, The Langeveld Institute for Research, Utrecht University working on the research project ‘Assessment of students’ research skills’ (NWO-PROO 1998-2000) and six ‘third stream’ research projects.

2003-2005 Junior Researcher and Lecturer, Educational Sciences, Utrecht University

2005 Basic University teaching qualification

2006 Assistant Professor, Educational Sciences, Utrecht University

2012 Senior University teaching qualification

2012 Associate Professor, Department of Education, Utrecht University

2012 Coordinator and director master program Educational Design and Consultancy

2016-2023 Lid Raad van toezicht van de Christelijk Voortgezet Onderwijs Groep Zuidoost-Utrecht

2018 Director Utrecht Center for Research and Development of Health Professions Education

Public CV Marieke van der Schaaf

Recent publications

An Interprofessional Faculty Development Program for Workplace-Based Learning Eveline Booij, Marjel van Dam, Gersten Jonker, Lisette van Bruggen, Marije Lesterhuis, Marieke F van der Schaaf, Reinier G Hoff, Marije P Hennus
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Investigating First Year Surgery Residents' Expectations of Demand, Control, and Support During Training Feyisayo Ojute, Paul Adam Gonzales, T. Roxana Ghadimi, Anya Edwards, Marieke van der Schaaf, Carter Lebares
Journal of surgical education, 2024, vol. 81, p.474-485
Medical Students' General Beliefs and Specific Perceptions about Patient Feedback Before and after Training in a Clinical Context M Charlotte L Eijkelboom, Renske A M de Kleijn, Joost Frenkel, Marieke F van der Schaaf
Perspectives on medical education, 2024, vol. 13, p.288-299
Living on Site While Renovating; Flexible Instructional Design of Post-Graduate Medical Training Peter K H Deschamps, Geke M J Beugels, J Dudink, Joost Frenkel, Marije P Hennus, Marijke B Hofstra, Alexa X Rutten, Marieke Van der Schaaf
Perspectives on medical education, 2024, vol. 13, p.300-306
Coping with Administrative Workload Peter Deschamps, Asilay Seker, Marieke van der Schaaf, Marie Aude Piot
Academic Psychiatry, 2023, vol. 47, p.510-514
Entry-level career paths in the life sciences Heleen van Ravenswaaij, Sanne ter Meulen-de Jong, Renske A.M. de Kleijn, Gonul Dilaver, Marieke F. van der Schaaf, Harold V.M. van Rijen
International Journal of Science Education, 2023, vol. 46, p.795-814

Fellowships & Awards

2021: Thermos for UU

2020: Reviewer Excellent Award, Perspectives in Medical Education

2015: Best posterprize Diagnostic error in Medicine conference (co-auth)

2014: Best educational publication Estonia

2006: Best PhD-thesis of the year in Educational Research

2006: Best article of the year

2005: Young talented teacher, nominee (2nd or 3rd)

External positions

European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, EARLI

Interuniversity Centre for Educational Research (ICO)

Nederlandse Vereniging van Medisch Onderwijs (NVMO)

Vereniging voor Onderzoek Research, VOR