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Marianne Boes heads the pediatric immunology laboratory at the UMC Utrecht, embedded in the Center for Translational Immunology. Her team focuses on approaches for harnessing the strength of the immune response and its promise to redirection using immune response modification, as preventive or therapeutic medicine. Boes trained in the USA in immunology and cell biology research (1996-2008). She performed PhD research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), at the Koch Institute for integrative Cancer Research under supervision of prof. Jianzhu Chen. Here she studied immunodeficiency mechanisms using mouse models. Postdoctoral work she performed at Harvard Medical School in the laboratory of prof. Hidde Ploegh.

In 2004, Dr. Boes started her independent research lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, financed in part by an NWO-Veni grant in 2004 and a large NIH-RO1 grant that was awarded to her.  She is the founding chair of the Young Academy of the UMC Utrecht (chair Sept 2019-Jan 2022) and board member of the CUCo working group of the Young Academies of the Strategic Alliance between TU-Eindhoven, Wageningen, Utrecht University and UMC-Utrecht, 2019-2022. Boes serves as coordinator of the course 'Advanced Immunology' and van Kinsbergen Advanced+ Immunology for PhD students. She is current member of the I&I graduate school teaching committee and the Board of Examiners, subcommittee Assessment Support Panel (ASP) @ GSLS-life Sciences Academy. She thoroughly enjoys to meet and learn from researchers, patients and societal partners in different fields. 

Research groups

Pediatric immunology team

Research aim

The pediatric immunology team focuses on the under-explored research field of immune response modification for the prevention of immune-driven diseases. The goal of our research is to develop interventions that can prevent disease manifestations.
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Primary immunodeficiency

Research aim

To address unmet medical needs by detecting novel primary immunodeficiency, and improving clinical practice by optimizing diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease.
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Recent publications

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Fellowships & Awards

2023: 2023: EWUU-Unusual Collaboration grant; 156.357 euro (PI), with TUe, WUR and UU

2023: CLARITY (Causative Link between respirAtory syncytial viRus and chronic lung diseases: Identifying Targets for therapY)

2023: CLARITY (Causative Link between respirAtory syncytial viRus and chronic lung diseases: Identifying Targets for therapY)

2022: 2022: EWUU-Unusual Collaboration grant; 154.990 euro (co-PI), with TUe, WUR and UU

2021: Actuate research grant II

2021: Argenx research grant

2021: EWUU Unusual Collaborations Grant, 168.000 euro, with co-PI of TUe, WUR and UU

2020: Jeffrey Modell Foundation C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N! Research Program grant

2020: Actuate research grant I

2019: Targeting V-D-J recombined B-cell receptors as neoantigens for lymphoma immunotherapy

2019: travel award (2000 dollar) for attending the 17th International Congress of Immunology (IUIS 2019)

2018: De rol van darmbacteriën in immuunglobuline A deficiëntie in jonge kinderen

2018: De rol van ijzer in de functie van het jonge immuunsysteem: wel of niet suppleren?

2018: Childhealth Boost grant

2017: Immune tolerance induction (ITI) in Hemophilia A: Role for rFVIII-Fc in inducing tolerance

2015: UU Life Sciences seed grant

2015: WKZ foundation grant supplement by Danone

2015: Primary Immunodeficiency Gene identification project-NGS2

2015: Project grant: Lipid antigens in the prevention of insulin resistance

2014: NWO grant  

2014: NGS-2

2013: Bayer grant

2012: NWO -equipment grant (investment subsidy) medium

2011: Common Variable Immunodeficiency-II: continued efforts and new approaches in clinical and basic research

2011: An innovative approach to identify new epitopes in hepatitis C virus for generation of novel dendritic cell-based vaccines

2011: Common variable immunodeficiency: continued efforts and new approaches.

2010: An inflammasome genome screen to detect novel disease genes in hereditary autoinflammatory disorders

2010: Medimmune grant

2010: An innovative approach to identify new epitopes in hepatitis C virus for generation of novel dendritic cell-based vaccines

2010: FP07 Marie Curie grant: Dendritic cells in the Skin

2010: Afweerstoornissen NextGen Genetica voor Next Generation Kids

2009: WKZ foundation grant-R1812

2009: NGI Horizon grant

2009: NWO grant (co-applicant)

2008: WKZ foundation grant –R1388

2008: Common Variable Immunodeficiency grant-1: continued efforts and new approaches

2007: NIH RO1 grant AR052810

2004: Veni grant: Communicatie en initiatie van afweer