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Lennie is an ICU consultant with a background in infectious diseases and epidemiology. She co-leads (with Olaf Cremer) the "epidemiology of sepsis and inflammation" research group at the Intensive Care Center of the UMCU, supervising 8 PhDs and 2 postdoctoral researchers. Her research focuses on clinical trials in critically ill patients, especially those with sepsis and severe infections. Lennie is the European lead and immediate past chair of the global TSC of REMAP-CAP, and a co-applicant and work package leader on EU-funded projects like RECOVER and ECRAID-Base. Lennie leads the ZonMw funded IMPRINT consortium and is co-applicant on several international collaborative grants. She is a member of several DSMBs, guideline committees and advisory committees (all unpayed), and a member of the ESICM executive committee as the Education and Training Committee lead.

Research groups

Epidemiology and clinical trials in infectious diseases

Research aim

To improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases and to establish an international research infrastructure for a rapid scientific response in the face of a new infectious disease threat.
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Epidemiology of sepsis & inflammation in critically ill patients

Research aim

We design and conduct clinical epidemiological research focused on risk stratification, early diagnosis, and novel treatment of critically ill patients with severe infections.
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Recent publications

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