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Kitty Verhoeckx received her Bachelor’s degree in Analytical Chemistry in 1992. In 1991 she started her career at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, where she had various research positions and was involved in various research topics (pesticides, hormones and animal pharmaceuticals, analytics (targeted and untargeted proteomics, metabolomics), systems biology, bioactive lipids etc.

In November 2005 she gained her PhD degree at the University of Leiden on the topic: ”Systems biology based studies on anti-inflammatory compounds”.

Since January 2011, Kitty Verhoeckx is involved in food allergy projects (predicting allergenicity of novel proteins for instance insects, effect of protein digestion, transport and processing on allergenicity and biomarkers for food allergy to improve diagnosis). She was a management committee member of the COST Action INFOGEST (food digestion), management committee member of COMFA, a European network for the development of a core outcome set for measuring the effectiveness of immunotherapy for food allergy, participated in the ILSI Europe task force ‘Allergenicity and processing’. She was the chair of the COST Action ImpARAS, a European network to improve the current risk assessment strategy of novel proteins a member of the EFSA focus groups on food allergy and digestion, and EFSA Focus group on allergenicity assessment. Currently, Kitty Verhoeckx is working as Assistant Professor at the Dermatology and allergology department of the University Medical Center Utrecht, she participates in the ILSI Europe FA Expert Group “Allergenicity’’, is expert for Food Standard Agency (FSA), is coordinator of the Marie Curie training network “ALLPreT” where 10 PhD student work on an allergenicity prediction toolbox and coordinator of KIC-NWO MoSIN project “Monitoring the introduction of Novel foods”.  

Research groups

Acute inflammation - Food allergy

Research aim

We aim to improve allergy diagnosis and increase quality of life to reduce healthcare costs by developing predictive diagnostic tools, get insight into food allergy mechanisms and increase understanding and awareness of allergic risks of (new) foods.

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Recent publications

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