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Kenneth Gilhuijs

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Dr. Kenneth Gilhuijs is associate professor at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC). He obtained his Ph.D. cum laude in Medical Physics from the University of Amsterdam.

He heads a research group on translational imaging in oncology with emphasis on MRI and artificial intelligence (AI). His team includes Ph.D. students and post-docs on the interface between diagnostic imaging, pathology, medical oncology, and surgery. In 2010 he transferred from the Netherlands Cancer Institute to the University Medical Center Utrecht.

His research interests include machine learning, radiomics, deep learning, and computerized decision support systems for patient-tailored cancer treatment on the basis of automated prognostication and response monitoring.

Kenneth Gilhuijs is coordinator of the master’s course medical image processing at UMC, is academic editor for Diagnostics, and serves on several scientific advisory boards.

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Research groups

Decision support systems for precision care in translational cancer-imaging

Research aim

To develop, validate and implement decision support systems based on imaging for the diagnosis, prognosis and triaging of oncology patients
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Image sciences institute

Research aim

Our aim is to develop and evaluate medical image analysis and acquisition methods that help to answer research questions relevant to the strategic research programs, and that will benefit clinical imaging and image-guided interventions.
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Recent publications

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