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Prof Joost Sluijter is a Medical Biologist and got his PhD in 2004 at the University Utrecht on “Collagen turnover in arterial disease”. After being a postdoctoral research fellow at Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI), he returned to the University Medical Centre Utrecht (the Netherlands) in 2006.  In his research group, they focus on stimulating cardiac regeneration, thereby using approaches that can lead to improved recovery of cardiac tissue upon injury. In recent years, they identified miRNAs that can push cell lineage specifications and how they could improve progenitor cell transplantation, specifically improving local delivery and cell retention. In this work, they have started to use 3D-bioprinting and advanced technologies of cardiac tissue engineering. His group substantially improved cell delivery to the myocardium, from which they also realized that most of the injected cell action was due to the potential paracrine actions. They therefore started to study the use of secreted vesicles by these cells as a novel approach to induce cardiac repair.

Prof Joost Sluijter is heading the Experimental Cardiology Laboratory and is nucleus member of the Regenerative Medicine program of the UMCU, he is nucleus member of the ESC working groups Cellular Biology of the Heart and Cardiovascular Regenerative & Reparative Medicine, has several editorial roles for journals, published >200 papers, and is awardee of an ERC consolidator grant.

Research groups

Inherited heart disease (cardiogenetics)

Research aim

We aim to enhance patient and family lives impacted by inherited cardiomyopathies. Our efforts target gene and variant identification, disease mechanisms, factors influencing disease outcomes, therapy optimization, and exploration of novel therapies.

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Recent publications

Statins affect human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes by interfering with mitochondrial function and intracellular acidification. Tim Somers , Sailay Siddiqi, Renee G Maas, Joost Sluijter, Jan Willem Buikema, Petra H. H. van den Broek, Tanne J Meuwissen, Wim J. Morshuis, Frans G. M. Russel, Tom J. J. Schirris
Basic Research in Cardiology, 2024, vol. 119, p.309-327
Vitamin C facilitates direct cardiac reprogramming by inhibiting reactive oxygen species Juntao Fang, Qiangbing Yang, Renée G C Maas, Michele Buono, Bram Meijlink, Dyonne Lotgerink Bruinenberg, Ernest Diez Benavente, Michal Mokry, Alain van Mil, Li Qian, Marie-José Goumans, Raymond Schiffelers, Zhiyong Lei, Joost P G Sluijter
Stem Cell Research & Therapy [E], 2024, vol. 15, p.19
Extracellular vesicle-mediated delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex targeting proprotein convertase subtilisin-kexin type 9 (Pcsk9) in primary mouse hepatocytes Nazma F Ilahibaks, Thomas A Kluiver, Olivier G de Jong, Saskia C A de Jager, Raymond M Schiffelers, Pieter Vader, Weng Chuan Peng, Zhiyong Lei, Joost P G Sluijter
Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 2024, vol. 13
A Cardioprotective perfusion protocol limits myocardial functional decline during ex situ heart perfusion Mats T. Vervoorn, Elisa M. Ballan, Sjoerd van Tuijl, Saskia C.A. de Jager, Selma E. Kaffka genaamd Dengler, Joost P.G. Sluijter, Pieter A. Doevendans, Niels P. van der Kaaij
JHLT Open, 2024, vol. 3
Size matters: Functional differences of small extracellular vesicle subpopulations in cardiac repair responses Simon van de Wakker, Julia Bauzá-Martinez, Carla Rios Arceo, Herak Manjikian, Christian J.B. Snijders Blok, Marieke Roefs, Renee G Maas, Eduard Willms, Matti F. Pronker, Olivier de Jong, Wei Wu, André Görgens, Samir E L Andaloussi, Joost Sluijter, Pieter Vader
Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 2024, vol. 13
Harnessing developmental cues for cardiomyocyte production Renee G.C. Maas, Floor W. van den Dolder, Qianliang Yuan, Jolanda van der Velden, Sean M. Wu, Joost P.G. Sluijter, Jan W. Buikema
Development (Cambridge), 2023, vol. 150

Fellowships & Awards

2020: Editors’ Choice 2020 World Biomaterials Congress from best biomaterials research articles published 2020

2020: Editors’ Choice 2020 Advanced Healthcare Materials (top 10% most downloaded papers)

2018: Editor’s choice 2018 Cardiovascular Research (most read manuscripts)

2016: European Journal of Clinical Investigation (ESCI) Award for the Best Basic Research Article 2016

2014: Editor’s choice 2013 Cardiovascular Research

2014: Editor’s choice 2014 Cardiovascular Research

2014: Editor’s choice 2014 Cardiovascular Research (most read manuscripts)

2014: Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology

External positions

Nucleus working group on Cardiovascular Regenerative & Reparative Medicine (ESC), European Society of Cardiology

Member of the evaluation team for Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cardiovascular Research, Vienna

Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science (ESC), European Society of Cardiology

Chair working group on Cellular Biology of the Heart (ESC), European Society of Cardiology

Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology , European Society of Cardiology

Nucleus working group on Cellular Biology of the Heart (ESC), European Society of Cardiology