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Prof. Jeanette Leusen, received her PhD in 1995 at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She became associate professor and head of the immunotherapy group of the University Medical Center in Utrecht in 2006, and head of the UMAB facility in 2012. She has co-authored more than 120 publications in peer-reviewed journals and is inventor on 10 patent applications. Her group of 24 FTE works on the mechanism of action of therapeutic antibodies, with a special interest in IgA as a novel class of antibody for the treatment of both malignant as infectious disease.

Research groups

Pediatric immunology team

Research aim

The pediatric immunology team focuses on the under-explored research field of immune response modification for the prevention of immune-driven diseases. The goal of our research is to develop interventions that can prevent disease manifestations.
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Antibody therapy

Research aim

In our research, we aim to understand antibodies in all aspects, from fundamental research to therapeutic applications including their mode of action, e.g. Fc receptors and complement, for cancer, auto immunity and infectious diseases.
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Recent publications

Novel peptide-based oncolytic vaccine for enhancement of adaptive antitumor immune response via co-engagement of innate Fcγ and Fcα receptors Sara Feola, Firas Hamdan, Salvatore Russo, Jacopo Chiaro, Manlio Fusciello, Michaela Feodoroff, Gabriella Antignani, Federica D'Alessio, Riikka Mölsä, Virpi Stigzelius, Paolo Bottega, Sari Pesonen, Jeanette Leusen, Mikaela Grönholm, Vincenzo Cerullo
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 2024, vol. 12
Enhancing IgA-mediated neutrophil cytotoxicity against neuroblastoma by CD47 blockade Chilam Chan, Marjolein Stip, Maaike Nederend, Marco Jansen, Elsemieke Passchier, Femke van den Ham, Judith Wienke, Geert van Tetering, Jeanette Leusen
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 2024, vol. 12
Leukocyte-associated immunoglobulin-like receptor-1 blockade in combination with programmed death-ligand 1 targeting therapy mediates increased tumour control in mice Akashdip Singh, Eline T A M Mommers-Elshof, Saskia V Vijver, J H Marco Jansen, Susanne Gonder, Robert Jan Lebbink, Dominique Bihan, Richard W Farndale, Louis Boon, Solomon Langermann, Jeanette H W Leusen, Dallas Flies, Linde Meyaard, M Ines Pascoal Ramos
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 2024, vol. 73
IgM anti-GM2 antibodies in patients with multifocal motor neuropathy target Schwann cells and are associated with early onset Kevin Budding, Jeroen W Bos, Kim Dijkxhoorn, Elisabeth de Zeeuw, Lauri M Bloemenkamp, Eva M Zekveld, Ewout J N Groen, Bart C Jacobs, Ruth Huizinga, H Stephan Goedee, Elisabeth A Cats, Jeanette H W Leusen, Leonard H van den Berg, C Erik Hack, W Ludo van der Pol
Journal of Neuroinflammation, 2024, vol. 21
Human IgG Fc-engineering for enhanced plasma half-life, mucosal distribution and killing of cancer cells and bacteria Stian Foss, Siri A Sakya, Leire Aguinagalde, Marta Lustig, Jutamas Shaughnessy, Ana Rita Cruz, Lisette Scheepmaker, Line Mathiesen, Fulgencio Ruso-Julve, Aina Karen Anthi, Torleif Tollefsrud Gjølberg, Simone Mester, Malin Bern, Mitchell Evers, Diane B Bratlie, Terje E Michaelsen, Tilman Schlothauer, Devin Sok, Jayanta Bhattacharya, Jeanette Leusen, Thomas Valerius, Sanjay Ram, Suzan H M Rooijakkers, Inger Sandlie, Jan Terje Andersen
Nature Communications, 2024, vol. 15
Sialic Acids on Tumor Cells Modulate IgA Therapy by Neutrophils via Inhibitory Receptors Siglec-7 and Siglec-9 Chilam Chan, Marta Lustig, J H Marco Jansen, Laura Garcia Villagrasa, Leon Raymakers, Lois A Daamen, Thomas Valerius, Geert van Tetering, Jeanette H W Leusen
Cancers, 2023, vol. 15

Fellowships & Awards

2020: Jeffrey Modell Foundation C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N! Research Program grant

External positions

scientific founder/CSO, TigaTx