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Strategic program(s):


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Neuro otology

Research aim

We aim to improve the quality of life of patients with sensorineural hearing loss, by a multidisciplinary approach targetting hair cell and spiral ganglion neuron survival and regeneration, prevention approaches, and improving surgical techniques.

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Recent publications

Long-term survival of LGR5 expressing supporting cells after severe ototoxic trauma in the adult mouse cochlea Natalia Smith-Cortinez, Ferry G J Hendriksen, Dyan Ramekers, Robert J Stokroos, Huib Versnel, Louise V Straatman
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 2023, vol. 17
Regeneration of Hair Cells from Endogenous Otic Progenitors in the Adult Mammalian Cochlea Natalia Smith-Cortinez, A Katherine Tan, Robert J Stokroos, Huib Versnel, Louise V Straatman
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2023, vol. 24, p.1-23
Choice of treatment evaluated after trial periods with bone conduction devices and contralateral routing of sound systems in patients with single-sided deafness Anne W Wendrich, Jan A A van Heteren, Jeroen P M Peters, Guido Cattani, Robert J Stokroos, Huib Versnel, Adriana L Smit
Development of the Musi-CI Training, A Musical Listening Training for Cochlear Implant Users Joke Veltman, Marjo J M Maas, Cilia Beijk, Adinda Y M Groenhuis, Huib Versnel, Constance Vissers, Wendy J Huinck, Alexander E Hoetink
Trends in Hearing, 2023, vol. 27
Acute effects of cochleostomy and electrode-array insertion on compound action potentials in normal-hearing guinea pigs Saad Jwair, Dyan Ramekers, Hans G.X.M. Thomeer, Huib Versnel
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2023, vol. 17, p.1-15
The efficacy of a TrkB monoclonal antibody agonist in preserving the auditory nerve in deafened guinea pigs Henk A Vink, Dyan Ramekers, Alan C Foster, Huib Versnel
Hearing Research, 2023, vol. 439