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Dr. Thóra B. Hafsteinsdóttir, PhD, MScN, BSc, RN, is senior researcher at the Department of Nursing Science, Julius Center, University Medical Center Utrecht, Department of Health care for people with chronic illness at the University of Applied Sciences, and at the Department of Nursing Science, Julius Center, University Medical Center Utrecht as well as Professor of Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland. Dr. Hafsteinsdóttir was born in Iceland, received her Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in 1984 from the University of Iceland and started her clinical carrier in intensive care nursing. She moved to the Netherlands, received her Master of Science in Nursing in 1994 and her PhD from the University of Utrecht in 2003, entitled Neurodevelopmental treatment in the Early Stage of Stroke. In 2012 she received her Senior Research Qualification: Good Clinical Practice Certification in 2012 and her Senior Teaching Qualification in 2015, both from Faculty of Medicine, University Utrecht. Dr. Hafsteinsdóttir supervises various research and development projects both in the Netherlands, Iceland and international. She serves on numerous international committees, including the organizing committee of the Institute for Global Healthcare Leadership, which will be held in London September 2018. Dr. Hafsteinsdóttir has numerous publications on nursing care and management of patients with stroke and leadership in nursing. She reviews manuscripts for various peer-reviewed international journals and gives lectures nationally and internationally.

Recent publications

Improved professional competencies and leadership in PhD-prepared nurses and doctoral students after participating in the cross-national and web-based Nurse-Lead program Lisa van Dongen, Lisa Suidman, Maria Adriana Henriques, Helga Jónsdóttir, Helena Leino-Kilpi, Christiane Luderer, Riitta Suhonen, Thóra B. Hafsteinsdóttir
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The experiences of doctorally prepared nurses and doctoral nursing students with being mentored in the Nurse-Lead programme L. J.C. van Dongen, H. Leino-Kilpi, H. Jónsdóttir, G. Meyer, M. A. Henriques, L. Schoonhoven, R. Suhonen, T. B. Hafsteinsdóttir
Nurse Education in Practice, 2023, vol. 71
Nurses' motivations to leave the nursing profession Wilmieke Bahlman-van Ooijen, Simon Malfait, Getty Huisman-de Waal, Thóra B. Hafsteinsdóttir
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2023, vol. 79, p.4455-4471
Interventions for improving psychosocial well-being after stroke Dagmar van Nimwegen, Ellen Gabrielsen Hjelle, Line Kildal Bragstad, Marit Kirkevold, Unni Sveen, Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir, Lisette Schoonhoven, Johanna Visser-Meily, Janneke M. de Man-van Ginkel
International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2023, vol. 142
Career development of doctorally prepared nurses Lisa van Dongen, Thóra B. Hafsteinsdottir, Marion E. Broome, Riitta Suhonen, Helena Leino-Kilpi
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2023, vol. 80, p.854-870
Understanding strategies that foster nurses to act as clinical leaders in hospitals Veerle Duprez, Laure Dhont, Margreet van der Cingel, Thóra B. Hafsteinsdóttir, Simon Malfait
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2023, vol. 80, p.1248-1261

External positions

Professor of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland