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Esther de Groot

Associate Professor


After a master in molecular biology, I became an educationalist, worked as an (e)-learning consultant, and wrote my thesis about lifelong learning of veterinary professionals. At present, I am a researcher in the learning sciences within the medical domain.

Interests and Focus

I investigate how (upcoming) medical professionals learn at the workplace and how their professional performance could be supported and enhanced. Questions about informal interprofessional collaborative learning of professionals, especially for the purpose of connecting evidence, patient values and clinical expertise (EBM), are my primary research focus. I look at learning processes that occur at boundaries:

  • between professionals from different disciplines,
  • between professionals and lay people,
  • and between researchers and clinicians.

My work helps to realise sound interventions which facilitate learning in organisations and contributes to application of (biomedical) evidence.

I have a strong methodological interest in qualitative research methods. I have experience with realist reviews, video stimulated recall interviews, social network analysis and conversation analysis.


Research groups

Research in the Continuum of Primary Care Education

Research aim

The aim is, primarily through research, to improve and support the learning of Primary Care professionals, within and outside of the UMCU, through innovative learning approaches at the workplace, in networks and communities.

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Recent publications

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