Cumhur Oner

Full Professor

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Cumhur Öner obtained in 1980 his Medical Degree in Ankara, Turkey and did his orthopaedic surgery training in Rotterdam between 1987 and 1993. Since 1993 he works as an orthopaedic spine surgeon at the University Medical Centre Utrecht. He obtained his PhD (cum laude) in 1999 from the University of Utrecht. The work for his PhD thesis focused on the diagnostic and prognostic parameters in spinal trauma patients. He is the head of the neuro-orthopaedic spine unit since 2002. Cumhur Öner has actively participated in the foundation of the international Spine Trauma Study Group and is currently member of the steering committee of the Knowledge Forum Trauma of the AOSpine International. He has been involved in clinical spine research as well as the bone and intervertebral disc RM program in the UMC Utrecht. He was the president of the Dutch Spine Society between 2007-2011.

Recent publications

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