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Bart Lagerwaard

Assistant Professor


Bart Lagerwaard, PhD works as assistant professor at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, sub-department Global Health. Trained in Molecular Nutrition and a PhD in Human Physiology in the field of muscle ageing, his current work focuses on Clinical Trial Innovation.

Bart Lagerwaard ensure the scientific coordination of RADIAL trial for the IMI Trials@Home project (, which aims to reshape clinical trial design, conduct and operations, by developing and piloting standards, recommendations and tools for the definition and operationalisation of Decentralised clinical trials in Europe. Furthermore, he is active in the Hypermarker project, focused on personalised pharmacometabolomic optimisation of treatment for hypertension using Arteficial Inteligence.  

Bart is coordinator of the post-graduate course Clinical Epidemiology.

Recent publications

Prolonged Moderate-Intensity Exercise Does Not Increase Muscle Injury Markers in Symptomatic or Asymptomatic Statin Users Neeltje A E Allard, Lando Janssen, Bart Lagerwaard, Malou A H Nuijten, Coen C W G Bongers, Richard J Rodenburg, Paul D Thompson, Thijs M H Eijsvogels, Willem J J Assendelft, Tom J J Schirris, Silvie Timmers, Maria T E Hopman
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International journal of molecular sciences, 2023, vol. 24
Decentralised, patient-centric, site-less, virtual, and digital clinical trials? From confusion to consensus Yared Santa-Ana-Tellez, Bart Lagerwaard, Amos J. de Jong, Helga Gardarsdottir, Diederick E. Grobbee, Kimberly Hawkins, Megan Heath, Mira G.P. Zuidgeest,
Drug Discovery Today, 2023, vol. 28
Extracellular flux analyses reveal differences in mitochondrial PBMC metabolism between high-fit and low-fit females Joelle J E Janssen, Bart Lagerwaard, Mojtaba Porbahaie, Arie G Nieuwenhuizen, Huub Fj Savelkoul, Rj Joost van Neerven, Jaap Keijer, Vincent C J de Boer
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2022, vol. 322, p.E141-E153
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Muscle mitochondrial capacity in high- and low-fitness females using near-infrared spectroscopy Bart Lagerwaard, Joëlle J E Janssen, Iris Cuijpers, Jaap Keijer, Vincent C J de Boer, Arie G Nieuwenhuizen
Physiological Reports [E], 2021, vol. 9, p.e14838