Leendert Looijenga

Groupleader and Managing Director Research Princes Máxima Centrum


Leendert Looijenga is a Medical Cell Biologist by training (Cum Laude, 1989) and Professor of Translational Patho-Oncology (since 2005, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam). He received his PhD in medical biology from Erasmus University (Rotterdam) in 1994. In 2018, he started his activities at the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology focused on pediatric and adolescent and young adult GCT patients, with the mission of improving diagnosis and treatment response, resulting in optimal long-term quality of life. Looijenga has been involved with the testicular GCT patient support group (Testicular Cancer Foundation) since its inception in 1996. Since 2023, he has been affiliated with UMC Utrecht as professor of Treanslational germ cell oncology and escapeability.